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UMA Beginnings - Building Choice
UMA Beginnings - Building Choice
Eliza Weyburn, Staff Reporter • January 5, 2024
Ten Years of Memories
Ten Years of Memories
November 9, 2023
Students stand in formation as they applaud.
AFJROTC Inspection Update
Jonathan Kaiser, Staff Reporter • October 23, 2023

2nd Semester Wing Trivia!


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A New Place for All to Stay
Makayla Murdock, Reporter • May 10, 2024
UMA Country Fair
Alexandra Skibiel, reporter • May 8, 2024
The 2024 Solar Eclipse
Jonathan Kaiser, Staff Reporter • May 1, 2024
A Look into the Life of Major Workman
Alexus Workman, Editor-in-Chief • May 10, 2024
The Battle of Wits and Persuasion
Alexus Workman, Editor-in-Chief • March 20, 2024
Falling in Icarus
Amaya Brown, Reporter • March 17, 2024
Cadet Kimberlin Wright has her rank pinned on by Lt. Leckman and her grandmother during a promotion ceremony.
New JROTC Memorandum Posted March 26
Arthur Klingenberg, Staff Reporter • April 9, 2024

During the week of March 25th, the Utah Military Academy JROTC Cadet Staff posted a new memorandum regarding promotions and rank requirements....

Marine Incoming!!
Marine Incoming!!
Amaya Brown, Reporter • April 4, 2024

“Leadership, teamwork, and having a positive attitude are the skills you will need in every area of life!” states Lt. Leckman.  1st Lt (CAP)...

The drill team stands in front of their awards.
UMA Drill Wins State Competition Once More
Severin Glenn, Reporter • March 29, 2024

It is clear that after the Utah State JROTC Drill Competition at Northridge High School in early March, the drill team at Utah Military Academy...

The Admirable Ankylosaurus
The Admirable Ankylosaurus
Trey Woodson, Reporter • May 7, 2024

Ankylosaurus Magniventris is an armored ornithischian that lived up to 70 million years ago during the late Cretaceous period in North America. ...

The Titanic Titanosaur
The Titanic Titanosaur
Trey Woodson, Reporter • May 1, 2024
The Elegant Elasmosaurus
The Elegant Elasmosaurus
Trey Woodson, Reporter • March 29, 2024
The Dazzling Dimetrodon
The Dazzling Dimetrodon
Trey Woodson, Reporter • February 27, 2024
Lunch at Utah Military Academy.
Deep Dive into Veganism
Alexandra Skibiel, Staff Reporter • February 26, 2024
Track and Field
Track and Field
Alexus Workman, Editor-in-Chief • May 10, 2024

Track and Fields’ season has been going great so far. They have had around ten meets, and each of them have been a success, whether individually...

Not All Sports Are in School.
Amaya Brown, Reporter • May 1, 2024

UMA has an amazing selection of sports. From baseball to volleyball to soccer; UMA has a lot of options. However, there are other sports that...

The UMA Girls Basketball Team.
The Last Dribble
Aubryonna Fry, Staff Reporter • March 9, 2024

The Utah Military Academy Girls Basketball season came to an end in the beginning of February. The senior girls did an OUTSTANDING job even though...

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