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The Law Enforcement class of the Utah Military Academy
Lt. Col. Scott Carlisi poses for a picture outside his room.

The Utah Military Academy has had Law Enforcement into its curriculum for many years now, and yet people still haven’t heard of this class. This class was created for those interested in the field of police work and teaches the knowledge of basic laws in practice. Led by Lieutenant Colonel Carlisi, this class is vital to understanding how the real world works and what you will see throughout your life. 

Colonel Carlisle’s journey to UMA is one full of backstory. “It’s a long [story]… in college I wanted to be a park ranger. I was majoring as a park ranger and minoring in law enforcement. Then, Reagan cut the budget for rangers. I then changed my minor to a double Major in science. Then I went into law enforcement.”

“I worked as a Police officer in Las Alamos where they built the atomic bomb. I could have worked for the New Mexico police department but they didn’t pay nearly as much. After that, I worked at Boeing security in Seattle for 8 years, then I worked at Des Moines for two years until they cut the budget for law enforcement officers. Finally, Major Workman recruited me to the school through Civil Air Patrol. I then earned my teaching license in 2020.”

Cadets enjoy the curriculum of the Law Enforcement class. Jedidiah Toimoana comments, “The class is about policing and laws that happened in history. We take notes on different subjects and have discussions. I enjoy the class very much.”

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This class goes into a deep dive into court cases such as Roe v. Wade, the case that changed the course of abortion. The Law enforcement class also goes through the different charges of crimes and the legal definitions of these crimes. 

The class is only taking place during B/4 this semester, but has been during other periods in the past. A few years prior, there was a junior high Law Enforcement class but now shows to be a mainly high school experienceThis class has also had guests present to teach classes, such as SWAT members and even puppies at the class.

Scott Carlisi adds that “Law enforcement is learning the basic structures of how law enforcement works. How everything is set up, how the constitution works, and how laws coincide with it. Law enforcement also covers basic law along with emergency code and how to take field notes.”

Throughout the class cadets learn many different points. These points include police codes and operations used while in the field, different types of charges and the essential jail time associated with those offenses. Along with this, the class discusses the three branches of government and does a deep dive into how those forms of government affect the law enforcement community. 

I encourage everyone who wants to pursue a career in law enforcement to consider looking into this class. If anyone has any questions based on this class I would recommend to go ask questions to those who have pursued it and the teacher Mr. Scott Carlisi and get some information revolving around this class.

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