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Friends vs Flight

During assemblies, should we sit with our flight or sit with friends.

Due to our recent pep assembly and promotions ceremony, there has been a debate about whether cadets should sit with their friends or their flights. This argument has been happening between peers for a long time. However, not everyone is aware of the benefits for either side of the argument. 

During the fun assemblies/ pep rallies, sitting with friends is more practical. Pep rallies and the more so less serious assemblies are meant to be fun. When you are sitting with your friends, you build confidence to be more excited about the assemblies. “Most people don’t have friends in their flight, so it’s hard to get hyped. It’s embarrassing to get hyped and excited with the people you’re not comfortable with,” said Cadet Dowden.

Another benefit for sitting with friends is the “traffic” in the halls. The hallways can get super crowded right before the assemblies. When we line up outside, we have designated spots for each flight. It is difficult to get through the hallways, let alone get into the gym. “Sitting with your flight causes more chaos in the hallways which takes forever to get situated and sit down. It doesn’t seem like anyone has been enforcing the chaos that has been happening,” stated Cadet Skibiel. 

Our cadet deputy commander, Jace Greenamyer, agrees with the idea of sitting with friends during the more fun assemblies. “It’s better to sit with your friends so you can enjoy the assembly. Cadets get tired of sitting with their flights and they can get irritated.” Cadets are always with their flights every day, so it is understandable why it can get irritating.

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In contrast, there are benefits to sitting with flights. Organization is critical for any type of work/school atmosphere. Even though sitting with friends is entertaining, there is no organization within the seating arrangement. “Sitting with your flights keeps everything organized, especially with the rudeness that happens with friends,” stated Cadet Captain Innocenzi. Being organized also has a key part in keeping accountability. If there was a fire or an active shooter, the staff needs to know where each cadet is. Sitting with the flights helps keep accountability and the staff will know where everyone is. 

Sitting with our flights also helps build character and team bonding. Previous wing commander, Cadet Col Kaiser, stated that,”If we can’t trust the cadets with their flights during formation, how do we trust them to sit with their friends? Sitting with flights also helps us staff with accountability and address the cadets who misbehave.”

It is clear that there are benefits for both sides of the argument. There is no true way of knowing which one is more beneficial for both the cadets and for the presenters.

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Amaya Brown, Reporter
Hi! My name is Cadet Amaya Brown and I'm in 10th grade. I am currently part of NHS, CAP, and Journalism. My vision for Journalism is making entertaining articles!
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